Why Active Lifestyles May Benefit from Premium Lenses

Is poor vision from cataracts keeping you from completing simple, routine activities or enjoying your favorite hobbies? It may be time for cataract surgery.

During cataract surgery, your surgeon will remove your natural lens and implant an intraocular lens (IOL) to restore vision loss. There are many kinds of IOLs to choose from, including standard monofocal lenses and premium lenses. Premium lens implants are often the best way to go if you want to enjoy an active lifestyle after cataract surgery.

Keep reading to learn more about premium lenses, how they compare to standard IOLs, the different types of premium IOLs, and why active lifestyles may benefit from premium lenses.

Standard IOLs vs. Premium IOLs

Before having cataract surgery, you’ll choose your intraocular lens. These often include monofocal lenses and premium lenses.

Standard monofocal lenses can only address vision problems at one distance: far away or up close. Most patients choose to correct their distance vision.

As a result, patients still need to use glasses while reading and performing other up-close activities and may still need glasses for distance as well. A multifocal premium IOL allows you to see at various distances: near, far, and intermediate with little to no need for visual aids.

Unlike a monofocal lens implant, these IOLs can correct astigmatism and presbyopia. Because premium lenses are not medically necessary, insurance will not cover these IOLs.

Only monofocal IOLs are covered by insurance. However, premium lens implants have added benefits, which may make them worth the extra out-of-pocket cost.

What are Premium IOLs?

Premium lens implants use advanced technology to improve your range of vision and have more features than a monofocal or standard IOL. With a premium IOL, you can see more clearly at multiple distances, including close-up, mid-range, and long-range.

Many patients can leave their prescription lenses behind with a premium lens implant after cataract surgery. However, there’s no guarantee that you won’t require glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.

You may still need visual aids, but the goal is to considerably reduce your dependence on them after choosing a premium lens.

Types of Premium IOLs

The different types of premium lens implants available at Eye Consultants of North Dakota include:

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal intraocular lenses expand your vision range. They have magnifications on various parts of the lens that make this possible.

By choosing a multifocal IOL, you can attain clear distance, intermediate, and close-up vision, reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses. A multifocal lens implant is also used to address presbyopia.

Presbyopia is age-related farsightedness. It occurs when your once flexible natural lens becomes rigid and unable to shift focus easily when looking at things far away to things up close. As a result, objects close to you look blurry or distorted, making reading glasses necessary.

Toric IOLs

A toric IOL is specially made for patients with astigmatism. It allows for the correction of astigmatism in addition to farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Astigmatism happens when your cornea is the shape of an oval, like a football, instead of a round, even shape like a basketball. The irregular curvature of the cornea leads to blurred, distorted vision at all distances.

With varying powers at different areas of the lens, a toric IOL can be aligned to fix astigmatism. If you have astigmatism and want to see better for distance without visual aids, a toric IOL could be right for you.

Extended Depth of Focus IOLs (EDOFs)

An extended depth of focus IOL offers a continuous range of vision. These IOLs allow you to see clearly at far and intermediate distances.

Designed to give you seamless, vivid vision, extended depth of focus lenses may reduce the need for glasses or contacts for daily activities. These lenses often require some reading glasses for smaller close work.

Premium Lenses for Active Lifestyles

If you love living an active lifestyle, here are some ways premium lenses can help you get active and have fun while doing your favorite things!

Up Your Golf Game

Is golf your favorite pastime? Golf will be even more exciting after cataract surgery with a premium IOL.

Having a successful game while wearing glasses or contact lenses can be difficult. Shifting glasses can hinder you during a swing.

They can also make following your ball in flight challenging. If you wear contacts, dirt can collect under them and hamper your vision.

A premium IOL may drastically improve your vision and allow you to bring your A-game to the course. Without the hassle of contacts or glasses, you’ll be able to watch the entire flight of your ball and make changes in the swing according to the ball in flight.

Plus, you’ll judge the terrain around you better, which will help you perform at your best.

Dance with Friends

Good vision is vital for activities like dancing. You want to see clearly when dancing without relying on corrective lenses. You’ll still have to depend on your glasses or contacts with a monofocal IOL.

Prescription lenses improve your vision but can get in the way. Glasses may keep sliding down your nose or easily fall off your face and break.

A contact lens can move out of place and irritate your eye. It can also become dislodged and pop out during a dance session.

After cataract surgery with a premium intraocular lens, you’ll be less reliant on visual aids. You’ll be able to shimmy and shake on the dance floor without glasses or contacts stopping you from thoroughly enjoying all your dance classes.

Swim More

Swimming with glasses doesn’t work, while contact lenses and water don’t mix. Swimming with contacts can lead to eye irritation, infections, and even corneal ulcers.

If you’ve sat out swimming repeatedly because of poor vision, you won’t have to anymore after getting a premium IOL. Swimming will be more comfortable, easier, and more fun with crisper, and sharper vision.

Take a Spin Class

With a premium IOL, you can finally go to that spin class you’ve always wanted to try. Your brand-new, clearer vision will let you pedal your way to fitness.

When riding, glasses or contact lenses can be bothersome. Glasses might fog up due to sweating, while contacts can become dry and uncomfortable.

All these can interrupt your session, making it hard to get the most out of your classes. Premium IOLs may allow you to get a better workout. Without prescription lenses holding you back, you can focus on strengthening your body to remain independent longer.

Go Hiking

Do you look forward to hiking during the weekend? With a premium IOL, you won’t have to worry about smudging the lenses of your glasses or dirt and sweat irritating your contacts.

Plus, you’ll see breathtaking scenery around you with high-definition vision unobstructed by glasses or contacts.

Maximize Your Vision with Premium IOLs

You can still maintain an active lifestyle after cataract surgery. By choosing a premium IOL with the help of the experienced surgeons at Eye Consultants of North Dakota, you can be as active as you want without glasses or contacts getting in the way.

Has your vision been declining due to cataracts? Request an appointment at Eye Consultants of North Dakota in Fargo, ND, to find out if it’s time for cataract surgery and if you could be a good candidate for a premium IOL!

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