All About Cataracts and Lens Options

Cataracts and Lens Options at Eye Consultants of North Dakota

As your eye care experts in the Fargo area and beyond, we take pride in not only providing exceptional patient care, but also educating our patients on the treatment options available to them. Today, we delve into the world of cataracts, a common vision issue that can affect anyone as they age.

At Eye Consultants of North Dakota, our renowned cataract specialists, Dr. Michelle Atchison, Dr. Anne Keating, and Dr. Steven Thom, are dedicated to providing top-notch care and innovative solutions to enhance your vision. They offer years of experience and a commitment to excellence, bringing unparalleled expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts.

What Are Cataracts?
Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process, occurring when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, leading to blurred or hazy vision. Symptoms may include difficulty seeing in low light, increased sensitivity to glare, and a gradual decline in overall vision clarity.

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Intraocular Lens Options:

Did you know you have the ability to choose which lens option is used during your cataract surgery? During your evaluation, our providers will ask about your hobbies and visual goals to better understand what lens options might make sense for you.

Monofocal lenses are generally covered by insurance and offer one focal point following surgery. This can be a great option for patients who are comfortable with wearing contacts or glasses after the procedure.

Our practice also offers a variety of premium lenses for those who are interested in less dependence on glasses following surgery. Unlike traditional monofocal lenses, premium lenses offer a range of benefits, including the following:

  • Improved Range of Vision: Premium lenses can often reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after cataract surgery, providing a broader range of clear vision.
  • Astigmatism Correction: For patients with astigmatism, certain premium lenses can address this condition during cataract surgery, reducing dependence on glasses.
  • Preservation of Depth Perception: Some premium lenses aim to maintain or enhance depth perception, which can be important for activities that require spatial awareness.
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Choosing the Right Lens:

During your consultation, Dr. Atchison, Dr. Keating, or Dr. Thom will conduct testing and discuss your lifestyle, visual goals, and medical history to determine the most suitable lens options for you. This is an important decision and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and the lens options available to you.

Schedule your Consultation:

If you’re experiencing changes in your vision or suspect you may have cataracts, we’d be happy to meet with you! Contact us at (701) 235-0561 to schedule an eye exam or Cataract Consultation with one of our renowned cataract specialists. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the journey to clearer vision.

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